From Raw Data to Professional Logs in Minutes — Well Log and Borehole Plotting Software for Geoscientists

Create professional well logs, while saving time and money with Strater — a powerful well log and borehole plotting software package. Strater is so user-friendly even a beginner can quickly transform raw data into customized logs in minutes with minimal effort. Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in log design and layout with 12 popular log types to graphically display your data. Customize each log to suit your needs by drawing or importing objects, specifying colors and patterns of schemes, inserting text descriptors for emphasis, and many more options. Strater's versatility and ease-of-use makes it the software of choice for numerous industries, including oil and gas, mining, environmental, geotechnical, mud logging, water resources, and many more.

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Strater 5 Quick Start Guide (produktová příručka v PDF)

Strater 5 User Guide (uživatelská příručka v PDF)