A Powerful Contouring, Gridding, and Surface Mapping Package for Scientists and Engineers

Surfer is the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use contouring and 3D surface mapping package available. Surfer easily and accurately transforms your data into spectacularly colorful contour, surface, base, wireframe, shaded relief, image, post, and vector maps in minutes! And best of all, Surfer is affordable!

Since 1984, over 100,000 scientists and engineers worldwide have discovered Surfer’s power and simplicity. Surfer’s outstanding gridding and contouring capabilities have made Surfer the software of choice for working with irregularly spaced XYZ data. Over the years, Surfer users have included hydrologists, engineers, geologists, archeologists, oceanographers, biologists, foresters, geophysicists, medical researchers, climatologists, and more! Anyone wanting to visualize their data with striking clarity and accuracy will benefit from Surfer’s powerful features!

Surfer's top new features and improvements can be found here: What's New in Surfer?