Your 3D Data Visualization Solution

Easily import data in a multitude of file formats to create stunning graphics to explore the relationships in your data set. This robust, yet easy-to-use program gives you the power to display your data in a variety of colors and formats: 3D volrender, isosurfaces, contours, 3D slices, orthographic and oblique images, scatter plots, stream lines, and vector plots. After customizing your model you can capture video animation of your moving model, or select from several image and data export options. You can even automate repetitive tasks with scripts, to quickly create the same type of images from new data.

Voxler is designed primarily for scientific applications, yet appropriate for anyone who wants to see the distribution of 3D data. Frequent users include geoscientists, environmental professionals, meteorologists, oceanologists, biologists, bio-technicians, engineers, research and development groups, geo-statisticians, seismologists, GIS researchers, and medical professionals.

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Voxler 4 Quick Start Guide (produktová příručka v PDF)

Voxler 4 User Guide (uživatelská příručka v PDF)